The China Initiative by HKUST Institute for Emerging Market Studies (IEMS) and Institute for Public Policy (IPP) aims to deliver research-based insights on economic and policy issues in China.  The Initiative includes a multi-year research program on One Belt One Road, a series of workshops and publications on key China public policy issues, and ongoing research projects, conferences, and other events on multiple aspects of China’s economic future, including innovation, digitalization, and human capital and jobs. Together the Institutes will co-organize research activities and public events to generate insights, spread knowledge and promote conversations among academic communities, policy makers and business leaders.


HKUST IEMS has been awarded a competitive research grant from the Hong Kong SAR Government under the Strategic Public Policy Research (SPPR) Scheme to support a 3-year, project on “Trade and Investment under One Belt One Road (OBOR) and Implications for Hong Kong” involving six IEMS Faculty Associates. Part of the project will be conducted in collaboration with the Institute for Emerging Market Studies at Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO.

HKSAR Government to fund IEMS Study of One Belt One Road


One Belt One Road: Impacts on Trade and Investment – HKUST IEMS – EY Hong Kong Emerging Market Insights Series on October 18, 2016



IPP is organizing a series of China Public Policy Workshops to present new research on key policy reform areas in China. Select papers will be published as special issues in China Policy Journal, a new peer refereed, open access journal. Upcoming workshops include:

Food Safety in China: Governance Challenges and Policy Options on 26-27 May, 2017


Reforming Public Hospitals in China: Emerging Models and Policy Options on 24-25 August, 2017


HKUST IEMS joins several partner institutions to co-sponsor the annual China Economics Summer Institute (CESI) conference which brings together top scholars studying the Chinese economy.

The Institutes will co-organize a series of events to promote research-based insights to academic and public audiences. Upcoming events include:

Consumer Culture in Transition—The Consumption Habits and Mobility Experiences of Globally-Mobile Millennials from China by Wei-fen Chen (HKUST) on 20 April, 2017


Innovation and Development in China and the Pearl River Delta by Roger Stough (George Mason University) on 5 May, 2017


China’s Patent Explosion by Richard Freeman (Harvard) on 16 May, 2017


Research on China supported by HKUST IEMS

HKUST IEMS and IPP Faculty Associates Working on China

Erik BAARKSocial Science
Alicia GARCIA HERREROEconomics
Li HANSocial Science
Guojun HESocial Science, Economics
Ji Yeon Jean HONGSocial Science
Mingyi HUNGAccounting
James K.S. KUNGSocial Science
Edwin LAIEconomics
Jiatao (J.T.) LIManagement
Xi LIAccounting
Yao Amber LIEconomics
Yimin LINSocial Science
Albert PARKSocial Science
Barry SAUTMANSocial Science
Naubahar SHARIFSocial Science
Bilian N. SULLIVANManagement
Kellee Sing TSAISocial Science
Jin WANGSocial Science
Pengfei WANGEconomics
Wenbo WANGMarketing
Yong WANGEconomics
Xiaogang WUSocial Science
Xun WUPublic Policy
Juanyi Jenny XUEconomics
Y. Jane ZHANGSocial Science
Jimin ZHAOSocial Science
David ZWEIGSocial Science
Joon Nak CHOIManagement
Sunny HUANGEconomics
Stuart GIETEL-BASTENSocial Science
Harry HARDINGSocial Science
Kira MATUSSocial Science
Joon Nak ChoiManagement

Past Publications

HKUST IEMS Thought Leadership Briefs disseminate research results effectively to business leaders, policy makers, the media, and the public. The briefs address important issues facing emerging markets and include policy recommendations.

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