China as the World’s Technology Leader in the 21st Century: Dream or Reality? — HKUST IEMS and IPP – EY Hong Kong Emerging Market Insights Series


Naubahar Sharif
20 Apr 2016 (Wednesday)
12:30 - 2:00 pm
EY Hong Kong Office, 22/F CITIC Tower, 1 Tim Mei Avenue, Central, Hong Kong

This talk is a part of the HKUST IEMS and IPP – EY Hong Kong Emerging Market Insights Series. It is presented by HKUST IEMS with support by HKUST Institute for Public Policy and EY. Check out the next event in the series at and past events in the series here.


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China as the World's Technology Leader by Naubahar Sharif from HKUST IEMS


Welcome Address by HKUST IEMS Director Albert Park


The Presentation by Prof Sharif

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Abstract / Seminar Summary

Over the last century and a half, global technological leadership has shifted from Great Britain to the USA. In this talk, Prof. Naubahar Sharif argues that China is positioning itself to assume global leadership in technology within the coming few decades. He identifies three sources of competitive advantage for China’s ascent in the global technology stakes: its massive domestic market, its centralized power and willingness to employ state-sponsored industrial policy and government support, and the process of globalization that continues to transform markets worldwide. After acknowledging skeptical views of China’s capacity to achieve global technology leadership, Prof Sharif surveys the present state of affairs and assesses its prospects for growth. He further argues that the three sources of competitive advantage he explicates offer China a path to imminent global technological leadership. Furthermore, he demonstrates implications of such leadership for emerging markets policymakers and businesses in terms of the development of their technological markets and capacities.

About the Speaker

Naubahar SharifAssociate Professor of Social Science, HKUST; Faculty Associate at HKUST IEMS
Naubahar Sharif earned his PhD in Science and Technology Studies from Cornell University in 2005 and completed the Executive Education Program in Innovation for Economic Development at Harvard University in 2011. He has published numerous academic articles in leading journals including Research Policy, Science and Public Policy, International Journal of Technology Management, and Science Technology and Human Values, and has received external funding from the Research Grants Council (RGC) of Hong Kong under the auspices of the General Research Fund (GRF) as well as the Public Policy Research (PPR) fund. Naubahar also consulted for the Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC), HKSAR Government from 2006 to 2010. His research interests include the innovation-related linkages in Hong Kong, and between Hong Kong and Guangdong Province.

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