Business and Wealth in Russia and China: Skolkovo-HKUST Joint Workshop

Published on: 2015-02-26


About the Workshop

HKUST IEMS and the Moscow School of Management Skolkovo convened a joint-workshop at the HKUST campus from March 9 to March 10.

The workshop featured faculty and experts from Skolkovo and HKUST discussing their research on a variety of topics as related to Russia, China, and other emerging market economies. Key themes include:

  1. Business education for the future
  2. Wealth possessors in Russia and China
  3. Entrepreneurship in Russia, Hong Kong, and China’s Pearl River Delta Region
  4. Microfinance in Russia, China, and India

The workshop was divided into sessions based on the above key themes, with faculty, staff, students, and the public welcome to attend any topics of interest.

Program (PDF)

More information on The Moscow School of Management Skolkovo and their related Institute for Emerging Market Studies can be found on their website


All available presentation slides can be downloaded here.

Session #1: Business Education for the Future
“Business Education for the Future”
Presenter: Andrey Shapenko, Skolkovo IEMS Project Leader
“Insights into Graduate School Admissions and International Business Schools”
Presenter: Sean Ferguson, Associate Dean at HKUST Business School
Session #2: Wealth Possessors
“Wealth Possessor’s Study”
Presenters: Ruslan Yusufov, Head of Research at Skolkovo Wealth Transformation Center; and Marianna Slutskaya, Analyst at Skolkovo Wealth Transformation Center
“Family Business and Private Wealth in Hong Kong and China”
Presenters: Roger King, Director of HKUST Tanoto Center for Asian Family Business and Entrepreneurship Studies; and Winnie Qian Peng, Associate Director of the Center for Asian Family Business and Entrepreneurship Studies

Session #3: Entrepreneurship
“Unknown Russia: Powered by Entrepreneurs”
Presenter: Andrey Shapenko, Skolkovo IEMS Project Leader
“Entrepreneurship in Hong Kong and China’s Pearl Delta River Region”
Presenter: Steven Lee, Director of HKUST Entrepreneurship Center
Session #4: Microfinance
“Microcredit in Russia: On the Eve of a Boom or a Crisis?”
Presenter: Vladimir Korovkin, Head of Digital Research at Skolkovo IEMS

“The Impact of Microfinance on Poor Villages in China”
Presenter: Albert Park, Director of HKUST IEMS

“Financing Smallholder Agriculture: The Impact of Agent-Intermediated Microlending on
Farmers’ Incomes”
Presenter: Sujata Visaria, Assistant Professor at the HKUST Economics Department

Session #5: Russian Attitudes towards China
Presentation of SKOLKOVO report
Presenter: Vladimir Korovkin, Head of Digital Research at Skolkovo IEMS

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