China Economics Summer Institute 2014

Published on: 2014-09-27


As one of the members of the consortium, HKUST IEMS continued to support the annual conference of China Economics Summer Institute, held in Tsinghua University this year, whose purpose is to create a network and community of top-level scholars working on China’s economic development. Sponsors of this year’s event include:

  • UC Berkeley- IGov – Institutions and Governance Program at the Institute for International Studies (with generous funding from the Ford Foundation)
  • Chicago Booth Initiative on Global Markets
  • Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management
  • Peking University Guanghua School of Management
  • HKUST Institute for Emerging Market Studies
  • Joint program of the Katholieke Universiteit of Leuven-LICOS-Center for Institutions
  • and Economic Performance and Stanford – CASS REAP (Rural Education Action Program),
  • With the collaboration of BREAD, NBER and CEPR

Conference program

Working Papers

Liang Bai
Economic Legacies of the Cultural Revolution

Ying Bai
Farewell to Confucianism: The Modernizing Effect of Dismantling China’s Imperial Examination System

Jason Garred
Export Taxes, Industrial Policy and the Value Chain in China After WTO

Wei Huang, Xiaoyan Lei, Yaohui Zhao
One Child Policy and the Rise of Man-Made Twins

Kai Liu
Insuring against Health Shocks: Health Insurance, Consumption Smoothing and Household Choices

Daoju Peng, Kang Shi, and Juanyi Xu
SOE and Chinese Real Business Cycle

Mark R. Rosenzweig and Junsen Zhang
Co-residence, Life-Cycle Savings and Inter-generational Support in Urban China

Heiwai Tang and Yifan Zhang
FDI and Cross-Country Diffusion of Culture: A Firm-level Analysis of Gender Inequality in China

Trevor Tombe and Xiaodong Zhu
Trade, Migration and Regional Income Differences

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