Workshop on Minimum Wages and Employment in China, Hong Kong, and the World

Nicholas R. LardyMarkets over Mao: The Rise of Private Business in China (Social Science Seminar co-sponsored by HKUST IEMS)

The Impact of Global Demographic Changes on the International Security Environment

The Impact of Financial Institutions on Property Rights – and the Impact of Institutions on Financial Volatility in Transition Economies

8th Asian Conference on Applied Micro-Economics/Econometrics (Theme: Labor Economics)

Financing Smallholder Agriculture: An Experiment with Agent-Intermediated Microloans in India

Once an Enemy, Forever an Enemy? The Long-run Impact of the Japanese Invasion of China from 1937 to 1945 on Trade and Investment

Business and Wealth in Russia and China: Skolkovo-HKUST Joint Workshop

Diets in Transition: Urbanization & Processed Food in the Heart of Malnutrition Crisis in Emerging Asia’s Countries

A Routine Transition? Technology, Upskilling, Structural Change and the Evolution of Task Content of Jobs in Central and Eastern Europe