Beijing Eyes Africa as Land of Opportunity – Global Times Interview with IEMS’ Barry Sautman

Published on: 2014-05-08


China’s Global Times newspaper interviewed IEMS’ Barry Sautman for his take on China’s growing political and economic influence on the continent, especially as compared to that of the U.S., Europe, and other major competitors.

The following is a short excerpt of Barry Sautman’s comments as paraphrased by the Global Times:

“China has provided loans, technologies and personnel that are relevant to Africa’s industrialization. So if you compare, for example, the US and China in Africa, China has been involved in many infrastructure projects, some of which are aid and some are businesses.

The US, on the other hand, up until recently has not been involved in infrastructure development or even industrial development outside the oil industry.

The US aid has tended to be related to healthcare in Africa. That helps save people’s lives, but it doesn’t make a contribution directly to the economic development.”

Read the full article here.

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