The New York Times Quotes IEMS’ David Zweig on Sketchy Coal Mine Deal involving a Chinese State-Owned Enterprise

Published on: 2013-08-07


In a New York Times article discussing the leaked documents of a Chinese coal mine deal involving a state-owned conglomerate, an unusually harsh light has been shed on the inner workings of China’s usually-secretive major state-owned companies. The deal in question raises a stark question: Are China’s economy and resources held hostage by privileged state corporations and their executives, who can use influence and gain access to easy credit in ways that undermine long-term growth?

IEMS’ David Zweig had his opinion quoted in the article:

“China Resources “is a major global player,” said David Zweig, a specialist in Chinese natural resource companies at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. If the claims about the coal mines are proved true, he added, “it would show that these companies can be ripped off or tricked. It doesn’t bode well for the globalization or professionalization of these companies.””

Read the full article here: Mine Deal Puts New Scrutiny on China’s State Industries

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