The Associated Press features commentary from IEMS’ Barry Sautman on possibility of one-child policy for China’s ethnic Uighurs

Published on: 2014-09-03


In an Associated Press article on China’s heavy-handed restrictions on the Uighur ethnic minority group in the country’s Northwest, IEMS’ Barry Sautman was cited for his commentary on the possibility of and backlash to a potential “one-child policy” imposed on the minority group, saying:

“Devout Muslims in southern Xinjiang already believe the Han are infringing on the rights of Muslims to have as many children as they want, said Barry Sautman, an expert on China’s ethnic policies at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

“For Muslims, children are regarded as a gift from Allah. It’s considered to be at least an interference if people are told that they must restrict the number of children they have,” he said.

“They are more than opening a can of worms — they’re entering a world of troubles if they decide to do that.”

Read the full article here: Tight security, unity drive clash in China’s west

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