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Y. Jane Zhang


IEMS Research Areas

Areas of Expertise

Experimental Economics, Preference Formation, Culture and Economics, Economics of Gender

Short Bio

Jane Zhang received her PhD in Economics from U.C. Berkeley and her BA in Economics from Stanford University. Her research focuses on how culture, institutions, educational content, and information shape preferences, attitudes, and economic and political behavior. Her work has been published or is forthcoming in the Journal of Political Economy, Economic Journal, and the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Selected Papers & Publications

  • Multiple Switching and Data Quality in the Multiple Price List” (with Xuejing Zuo and Chi Wai Yu). (revise and resubmit, Review of Economics and Statistics)
  • Protests as Strategic Games: Experimental Evidence from Hong Kong’s Democracy Movement” (with Davide Cantoni, David Y. Yang, and Noam Yuchtman). (reject and resubmit, Quarterly Journal of Economics)

  • Culture, Institutions, and the Gender Gap in Competitive Inclination: Evidence from the Communist Experiment in China.” (forthcoming, Economic Journal)

  • Curriculum and Ideology” (with Davide Cantoni, Yuyu Chen, David Y. Yang, and Noam Yuchtman). Journal of Political Economy, (2017), 125(2).

  • Competing for the benefit of offspring eliminates the gender gap in competitiveness” (with Alessandra Cassar and Feven Wordofa). Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, (2016), 113(19), 5201-5205.

  • Introduction to special issue on ‘Economic experiments in the lab and in the field in developing countries’” (with Bertil Tungodden and Shachar Kariv). Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, (2015), 118, 1.

  • The Fundamental Determinants of Anti-Authoritarianism,” (with Davide Cantoni, David Y. Yang, and Noam Yuchtman). (under review)

  • “Can Experimental Economics Explain Competitive Behavior Outside the Lab?” (working paper)

  • The Competitive Woman” (with Alessandra Cassar). (in preparation)