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Jimin Zhao


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Jimin Zhao (Ph.D., Stanford University, 2000) is an Associate Professor of Social Science. Previously she was a Senior Research Fellow at Oxford University (2007–2011). Her research interests include environmental and energy policy and governance, climate change and global environmental governance, sustainable transportation, energy policy and technology development, and Chinese environmental and energy policy. Her numerous research grants include “Energy Efficiency for China’s Buildings” (£200,000 from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, 2010-2012), and “Visioning and Backcasting for Transport Futures in Chinese Cities” (£49,625 from Oxford University’s Future City Programme, 2010-2011), and Moving to a low-carbon economy under different economic circumstances (£356,868, Foreign& Commonwealth Office’s Strategic Programme Fund, 2009-2012). Recent publications include a chapter in Climate Smart Development in Asia: Transition to Low Carbon and Climate Resilient Economies, “Engaging China in a Post-2012 Climate Regime,” “Climate Change Mitigation in Beijing,” and “Visioning and Backcasting for Transport in Jinan”.


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