Announcing IEMS Research Grants 2019


The Institute is pleased to announce the funding results of IEMS Research Grants 2019. Out of a total of 18 applications, 10 grants valued at more than HKD1.2M altogether were awarded for unique research conducted on a broad range of emerging market related issues.  

IEMS Research Grants 2019

HKUST IEMS Research Grants support high-quality research that provides valuable insights into the challenges facing businesses and governments in emerging markets. The Institute encouraged collaborative proposals among HKUST faculty and with researchers outside HKUST.  Priority is given to collaborative research projects that are oriented around the Institute's focus research themes, as well as proposals that contribute to ongoing Institute’s research initiatives on the topics of Belt and Road and Digital Economy.

Here are the projects and their princial investigators: 

  • Impact of U.S. Unconventional Monetary Policy on Debt Issuances by Emerging Market Firm (Vidhan Goyal, Professor of Finance)
  • How do firms adjust when trade stops? Labor markets, industrial linkages, and macroeconomic effects (Alminas Zaldokas, Assistant Professor of Finance)
  • Public Support for Climate Policy in China and India (Kim-Pong Tam, Associate Professor of Social Science)
  • The Effect of State-building on the Salience of Ethnicity: Experimental Evidence from Southwest China (Ji YeonHong, Assistant Professor of Social Science)
  • Green and Smart or Black and Clumsy ? Examining the role of Chinese investors in ASEAN's sustainable development (Angela Tritto, Dini Sejko and Yujia He, Post-doctoral Fellows of IEMS)
  • Property rights, investments, and financial reporting quality: Evidence from a natural experiment (Allen Huang, Associate Professor of Accounting)
  • Voluntary Information Disclosure under Competition: Evidence from Chinese P2P Financial Platforms (Sunny Huang, Assistant Professor of Economics)
  • Evaluating the evaluators of political risks in emerging markets: A social network analysis of experts on Chinese politics (Franziska Keller, Assistant Professor of Social Science) 
  • Risk Perception of AI in Indian Construction Industry (Kira Matus, Associate Professor of Social Science, Public Policy and Environment)
  • Material Possessions As Coping Resources Under Income Inequality (Amy Dalton, Associate Professor of Marketing and Anirban Mukhopadhyay, Professor of Marketing)

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