In case of typhoon or rainstorm


When the Amber or Red Rainstorm Warning or Typhoon Signal No. 1 or 3 is in effect, all scheduled events will be held as usual.

When a Black Rainstorm Warning is to be issued within the next 4 hours or is in force, all events, both online and in-person, on the day will be cancelled. Those in progress will continue until the end. Attendees are advised to stay indoors.

If Signal No. 8 or a Black Warning is cancelled

  • before 6am, events that start at 10am or later will be held as scheduled.
  • between 6am and 12 noon, events that start at 3pm or later will be held as scheduled, while events that start before 4pm will be cancelled.

If Signal No. 8 or above or a Black Warning is still in force at 12 noon, all events in the rest of the day will be cancelled.

If an in-person event is cancelled due to extreme weather, it may be held online instead, depending on the actual circumstances.  We will make the announcement at least three hours before the event's start time.

Please stay tuned to our web site (, Facebook and Twitter for updates about our events under bad weather.  Please direct your enquires to .  


[Updated 2023.08.29]

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