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China’s Belt and Road Initiative may play a transformative role in the future development of China, Hong Kong, and much of the world. HKUST IEMS aims to offer research-based insights to address the tremendous opportunities and challenges facing business leaders and policy makers involved with the Initiative.

Funding from the HKSAR Government

The Institute is leading an interdisciplinary research project on “Trade and Investment under One Belt One Road (OBOR) and Implications for Hong Kong”. The 3-year project was awarded a grant of more than HKD 3 million from the Hong Kong SAR Government under the Strategic Public Policy Research (SPPR) Scheme after a competitive review.  [More...]  

Collaboration with United Overseas Bank

In 2018, the Institute launched a joint research project entitled “Belt and Road in Southeast Asia”. The aim of the project is to provide insights into the political, institutional, and environmental factors that affect Belt and Road project design and implementation, the potential for Belt and Road investments to spur private investment and foreign direct investment opportunities and effect transformative development, and the potential role of Hong Kong in the Belt and Road Initiative.   

The project is successfully completed with the publish of 7 research reports. Here is the news release related to the report launch event.  

Latest Events

The Institute holds a series of academic workshop as well as public seminars to advance research in the Intiative as well as to spread research-based insights to the general public, business leaders and policy makers.   Check out our latest event under the program at Taking Stock of the Belt and Road Initiative held on 20 September 2019 in Shanghai with support by EY.  

Latest Publications

The Institute publishes Thought Leadership Briefs and Working Papers based on the research projects' findings.  

The latest Thought Leadership Brief about the BRI is Disabled Localisation: Financial Entanglements and Labour Politics along the Belt and Road in Laos by Wanjing Chen

Also, see here for a list of 6 Thought Leadership Briefs (English and simplified Chinese verisons available) related to the event "Taking Stock of the Belt and Road Initiative" we held in Shanghai in 2018.  

The latest Working Paper about BRI: Which Countries Have Benefited Most from China’s Belt and Road Initiative? by Wentian Dao and Albert Park.  

Please visit this page for a comprehensive and reverse chrologocial list of the Institute's activites under the Belt and Road program. 

Last updated: 30 June 2021

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