HKUST IEMS is led by a Director, an Associate Director, and an Executive Committee consisting of the Director, the Associate Director, and 5 HKUST Faculty Associates (4 elected to alternating 2-year terms by all Faculty Associates, and one appointed annually by the Director). In addition, HKUST faculty with research interests in emerging markets are invited to become Faculty Associates of the Institute for renewable 3-year terms. The Institute has a small team of administrative and research staff to provide leadership and support for research projects, academic events, publications, and outreach activities on emerging markets.

An Advisory Board consisting of six members, including three appointed by EY, including the Chair of the Advisory Board, and three appointed by HKUST, approves leadership appointments and advises the leadership on major decisions and strategic directions.


Albert Park, Chair Professor of Economics, Social Science and Public Policy

Associate Director

Anirban Mukhopadhyay, Associate Dean of Business and Management and Chair Professor of Marketing


Executive Committee


Advisory Board

  • Jay Nibbe, Global Vice Chair - Markets, EY
  • Kate Mackie, Global Integrated GTM Director, EY
  • Agnes Chan, Regional Managing Partner, Hong Kong & Macau, EY
  • Nancy Y. Ip, Vice-President for Research and Development, HKUST
  • Kellee Tsai, Dean, School of Humanities and Social Science, HKUST
  • Kar Yan Tam, Dean, School of Business and Management, HKUST

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