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Naubahar Sharif


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Areas of Expertise

Innovation Systems, Innovation and Technology Policy, Innovation and Technology in Hong Kong, Industrial Automation in Southern China, and the 'Belt and Road' Initiative

Short Bio

Naubahar Sharif is jointly appointed in the Division of Social Science and Division of Public Policy. He has published numerous research articles in leading academic journals and has been awarded external funding from the Research Grants Council (RGC) of Hong Kong under the Collaborative Research Fund (CRF) scheme, the General Research Fund (GRF) scheme, and the Public Policy Research (PPR) scheme. Under the auspices of Hong Kong’s Central Policy Unit, Dr. Sharif has received funding (as a co-investigator) for a Strategic Public Policy Research (SPPR) proposal to study the potential of China’s One-Belt-One-Road initiative to benefit Hong Kong through trade and investment. Dr. Sharif also consulted for the Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC) of the HKSAR Government from 2006 to 2010. Currently in his research he focuses on innovation and technology policymaking in Hong Kong, the impact of the One-Belt-One-Road initiative in Pakistan, and also the process of industrial automation, including robotics, unfolding in Southern China.

Selected Papers and Publications

  • Huang, Can* and Naubahar Sharif. “Global Technology Leadership: The Case of China.” Science and Public Policy 43, no.1 (2016): 62-73.

  • Sharif, Naubahar* and Hayes Tang, “New Trends in Innovation Strategy at Chinese Universities  in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.” International Journal of Technology Management 65, nos.1/2/3/4 (2014): 300-318.

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  • Sharif, Naubahar* and Can Huang, “Innovation Strategy, Firm Survival and Relocation: The Case of Hong Kong-Owned Manufacturing in Guangdong Province, China.” Research Policy 41, no.1 (2012): 69–78.

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