Talent Recruitment, Reverse Migration and Transnational Bridges in South Korea and China


HKUST IEMS Academic Seminar

The second HKUST IEMS luncheon seminar was given by Professor David Zweig of Department of Social Science and Professor Joon Nak Choi of Department of Management on 2nd of December, 2013 at 12-1 pm. The seminar was free and open to the public with no registration required. 

About the Speakers

Joon Nak Choi was the William Perry Postdoctoral Fellow at the Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center at Stanford University, where he researched the social capital linking Korean corporations to key overseas markets before he joined HKUST. His co-authored monograph on this subject is currently under review at Stanford University Press. His ongoing research continues to focus upon the effects of social and political capital in emerging market contexts, especially Korea and China.

David Zweig is an Associate Dean, School of Humanities and Social Science and Chair Professor with the Division of Social Science. He was also the Director, Center on Environment, Energy and Resource Policy, previously known as the Center on China’s Transnational Relations (2004 – 10). Currently Prof. Zweig is a Senior Fellow at the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada, Vancouver, and Associate Director, South China International Talent Institute, Guangzhou. He received the Humanities and Social Sciences Prestigious Fellowship, Research Grants Council of HK, 2013-2014. In June 2012, Prof. Zweig gave Politburo member and Director of the Organization Department of the CCP, Li Yuanchao, a report on the problems in the 1000 Talent’s Program which Li directed. Prof. Zweig’s book, Internationalizing China: Domestic Interests and Global Linkages, will be published in Chinese from Renmin University Press in 2013. He is an advisor to the Ministry of Personnel and Social Services on issues of human talent. He serves on the Editorial Board, “Compendium on Foreign Talent Development,” China Research Institute on Personnel and Materials on Party Construction Press, 2011-13, and is a member of the Chinese team of a joint project between the Ministry and the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada on the China-Canada Joint Talent Pool.

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