Understanding Dispute Resolution Practices in Emerging Economies: A Cross-Nation Comparison


There are different initiatives that aspire to promote economic cooperation and market integration by connecting Asian, European, and African countries. It brings parties with potentially conflicting positions, and interests together. Conflict is not uncommon in interpersonal and business exchanges. Much research effort has been invested in understanding conflict management practices. Most of the seminal theories and frameworks are developed in Western cultural contexts. Research in recent decades has started to consider the impacts of culture; however, these studies tend to focus on East Asian (mainly Chinese and Japanese) versus Western (mainly American) differences. Few research has examined conflict management practices beyond the East-West perspectives. Building on established models of conflict management style and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) approaches, this study aims to understand how conflict is managed across different cultures and to unveil cross-cultural similarities and differences in conflict management practices through a large-scale survey conducted in China, India, Indonesia, Italy, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and the United States. 


About the author

Melody Chao is Associate Professor of Management at HKUST.  Her research examines the interplay between lay people’s beliefs, social judgments, and conflict management practices in intergroup and intercultural contexts. Her work has been published in leading journals. Her current interests include understanding the perceptions and uses of different conflict management practices (particularly Alternative Dispute Resolution methods) in different societies. Her research has been featured in international media outlets. 

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