Conference on Trade and Investment under the Belt and Road Initiative


19 - 28 Aug 2020

Funded by the Hong Kong SAR Government under the Strategic Public Policy Research (SPPR) Scheme, HKUST IEMS has been leading an interdisciplinary research project on “Trade and Investment under the Belt and Road Initiative and Implications for Hong Kong” since 2017.  As part of the research project, this conference aims to release some of the findings from the projects, as well as bringing together leading researchers from around the world who also have conducted evidence-based research on the Initiative to discuss the implementation and impacts of Belt and Road projects.   


Presentations are organized into six sessions, all held online.  All sessions are open to the public.  Detailed program here

To Attend the Conference

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Click here to join Session #1: Political Economy and COVID-19 on 19th August, Wednesday 8pm - 10:30pm HKT.  

Click here to join Session #2: Hong Kong, Financing, Digital Silk Road on 20th August, Thursday 9am - 12 nn HKT. 

Click here to join Session #3: BRI in Africa, South Asia & Southeast Asia on 21st August, Friday 9am - 12 noon HKT.  

Click here to join Session #4: Trade and Transportation on 26th August, Wednesday 8pm -10:30 pm HKT  

Click here to join Session #5: Policy Panel on 27th August, Thursday 9am - 10:30am HKT. 

Click here to join Session #6: Energy and Environment on 28th August, Friday 9am - 11:30 noon HKT  


House Rules

  • Please rename yourself to your real name when entering the Zoom meeting.  You will also be asked to join with video turned on and your audio muted.   
  • The chat function will be on, but the speaker may not see your chat message. Please consider raising your hand (blue hand button) or unmuting yourself to ask a question.
  • The sessions will be recorded for internal use only and will not be released to the public.  
  • Should you need any assistance off-Zoom during the conference, pleaes contact us at .  

Also see here for advice from the university's IT office on Zoom best practices for attendees.  

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