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Barry Sautman


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China/Africa Links Ethnic Politics in China Nationalism in Comparative Perspective


Barry Sautman is a political scientist and lawyer whose research focuses primarily on political, economic and social links between China and Africa and ethnic politics in China, especially Tibet and Xinjiang-related issues. His broadly comparative research has been grounded in fieldwork in African countries where Chinese investment is prominent and in ethnic minority areas of China and he has published several monographs and scores of articles in a variety of area studies and disciplinary journals. In China-Africa research done with Yan Hairong, a Hong Kong-based anthropologist, he has concentrated on how the political economy of Chinese investment has shaped relations between Chinese employers and African workers, as well as on the mythologizing discourse of China-Africa links in global media. His principle field site is Zambia, especially the Chinese-owned copper mines and he and Yan Hairong are completing a book manuscript on these mines in comparative perspective. Additional fieldwork is being undertaken in southern Africa on the localization of Chinese enterprises. He and Yan Hairong may also undertake a field study of labor relations in Chinese manufacturing and construction enterprises in Ethiopia.


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Articles and Book Chapters

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