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Bilian N. Sullivan


IEMS Research Areas

Areas of Expertise

Organizational Learning, Behaviroal Strategy, Social Networks, Firm Innovation, Decision-making

Short Bio

She obtained her Ph.D from the Graduate School of Business, Stanford University and joined HKUST in 2003. Her research has been published in top tier managerment journals such as Administrative Science Quarterly and Organization Science. Currently, She is examining various aspects of firm innovation in China, including the impact of government innovation policies on firm innovation, institutional determinants, firm specific knowledge and resource dependence in firm innovation, as well as the role of hubris and managerial foresight in firm innovations in China. She also served on a few journal editorial boards and served as the founding Academic Director for Master of Science in International Management from 2012 to 2017.

Selected Papers and Publications

  • Sullivan, B.N. and Stewart, D. 2017. Do connections always help? Network brokerage's negative impact on the emergence of status. Research in Sociology of Organizations.
  • Sullivan, B.N., Tang, Y and Marquis, C. 2014. Persistently learning: How small-world network imprints affect subsequent firm learning. Strategic Organization, 12: 180-199.
  • Sullivan, B.N. and Tang, Y. 2013. Which signal to rely on? The impact of the quality of board interlocks and inventive capabilities on R&D alliance formation under uncertainty. Strategic Organization, 11: 364-388.
  • Sullivan, B.N. and Tang, t. 2012. Small-world networks, absorptive capacity, and firm performance: Evidence from the U.S. venture capital industry. International Journal of Strategic Change Management, 4: 149-175.
  • Sullivan, B.N. 2010. Competition and beyond: Problems and attention allocation in the organizational rulemaking process. Organization Science, 21: 432-450.
  • Morris, M., Podolny, J. & Sullivan, B.N. 2008. Culture and coworker relations: interpersonal patterns in American, Chinese, German, and Spanish divisions of a global retail bank.  Organization Science, 19: 517-532.
  • Sullivan, B.N., Haunschild, P. & Page, K. 2007. Organizations non-gratae?: The impact of unethical corporate behavior on interorganizational networks. Organization Science, 18: 55-70.
  • Augier, M., March, J.G. & Sullivan, B.N. 2005. Notes on the evolution of a research community: Organization studies in anglophone North America,1945-2000. Organization Science, 16: 85-95.
  • Jost, J. T., Pelham, B.W., Sheldon, O. and Sullivan, B.N. 2003. Social inequality and the reduction of ideological dissonance on behalf of the system: Evidence of enhanced system justification among the disadvantaged. European Journal of Social Psychology, 33: 13-36.
  • Haunschild, P. and Sullivan, B.N. 2002. Learning from complexity: Effects of accident / incident heterogeneity on airline learning. Administrative Science Quarterly, 47: 609-643.