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Danqing Wang


Short Bio

Danqing Wang is Assistant Professor at the Department of Management at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Department of Management.  Previously, she was Assistant Professor in Management and Strategy at Faculty of Business and Economics, the University of Hong Kong.  She holds a PhD in management from INSEAD. 

Research Interests

  • State-Firm Interaction
  • Non-Market Strategies
  • Emerging Markets
  • Political Sociology

Selected Publications

  • Wang, D., Zhu, Z, Chen, S, & Luo, X.R. 2020 (Forthcoming). Running out of steam? A political incentive perspective of FDI inflows in China. Journal of International Business Studies.

  • Luo, X. R., Wang, D. 2019 (Forthcoming). Are politically endorsed firms more socially responsible? Selective engagement in corporate social responsibility. Journal of Business Ethics. (Download here)

  • Wang, D., Luo, X.R*. 2019. Retire in peace: Officials’ political incentives and corporate diversification in China. Administrative Science Quarterly, 64: 773-809. * Equal contribution (Download here)

    • Lead article

    • An video presentation of an earlier version of the paper

    • An earlier version of the paper was a Finalist for the Best Conference PhD Paper Award at 2013 SMS Annual Conference

  • Wang, D., Du, F., & Marquis, C. 2019. Defending Mao’s dream: How politicians’ ideological imprinting affects firms’ political appointment in China. Academy of Management Journal, 62: 1111-1136. (Download here)

  • Luo, X. R., Wang, D., & Zhang, J. 2017. Whose call to answer: Institutional complexity and firms’ CSR reporting. Academy of Management Journal, 60: 321-344. (Download here)