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David Cook


Areas of Expertise

International Macroeconomics, Monetary Policy

Short Bio

David Cook is a Faculty Associate at the HKUST Institute for Emerging Market Studies and has been a member of the HKUST Department of Economics since 1996. His research focus has been on international macroeconomics. He has published research in the Journal of Monetary Economics, Journal of International Economics, and the Review of Economics and Statistics. He has worked as a visiting scholar at the IMF Institute for Capacity Development and the Bank for International Settlements. He is currently the Hong Kong editor of the Pacific Economic Review.

Selected Papers and Publications

  • David Cook and Michael B. Devereux “Malaysian Capital Controls: Effectiveness and Side Effects,” Asian Economic Papers, 1(1), Winter 2002 Pages 49-82 .
  • Woon Gyu Choi and David Cook, “Liability Dollarization and the Bank Balance Sheet Channel,” Journal of International Economics 64(2), December 2004
  • David Cook ““Monetary Policy in Emerging Markets: Can Liability Dollarization Explain Contractionary Devaluations?” Journal of Monetary Economics. 51(6), September 2004, Pages 1155-1181.
  • David Cook and Michael B. Devereux, “External Currency Pricing and the East Asian Crisis,” Journal of Interantional Economics,” Journal of International Economics. Volume 69, Issue 1, June 2006, Pages 37-63
  • David Cook and Michael B. Devereux “Accounting for the East Asian Crisis: A Quantitative Model of Capital Outflows in Small Open Economies” Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking Volume 38, Number 3, April 2006
  • Timothy Chue and David Cook, “Emerging Market Exchange Rate Exposure,” Journal of Banking and Finance., Elsevier, vol. 32(7), pages 1349-1362, July, 2008.
  • Timothy Chue and David Cook, “Sudden Stops and Liability Dollarization: Evidence from Asia's Financial Intermediaries,” Pacific Basin Finance Journal. Elsevier, vol. 16(4), pages 436-452, September, 2008
  • Woon Gyu Choi and David Cook, “Global and Regional Financial Accelerator Integration” in Devereux, M. Lane, P., Park, C-Y. and Wei, S., eds. The Dynamics of Asian Financial Integration: Facts and Analytics. Routledge, 2011.
  • David Cook & James Yetman, 2012. "Expanding central bank balance sheets in emerging Asia: a compendium of risk and some evidence," BIS Papers chapters, in: Bank for International Settlements (ed.), Are central bank balance sheets in Asia too large?, volume 66, pages 30-75 Bank for International Settlements.