Melody Manchi Chao


IEMS Research Areas


Melody Chao’s research examines the interplay between lay people’s beliefs, social judgments, and conflict management practices in intergroup and intercultural contexts. Her work has been published in leading journals. Her current interests include understanding the perceptions and uses of different conflict management practices (particularly Alternative Dispute Resolution methods) in different societies. Her research has been featured in international media outlets. 

Her expertise in culture and psychology has been recognized in the field. In 2013, she received two research awards: the Early Career Award from the International Academy of Intercultural Research, and the Michael Harris Bond Award for Early Research Contributions from the Asian Association of Social Psychology. In 2014, she also received a third research award, the Seisoh Sukemune/Bruce Bain Encouragement of Early Career Research Award from the International Council of Psychologists which recognizes research that advances the science and practice of psychology.


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