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Mingyi Hung



International Capital markets, Financial Accounting,International Financial Reporting Standards


Mingyi Hung studies financial disclosures and institutional development in global capital markets. Her research addresses the information and monitoring roles of accounting in international capital markets and investigates the interaction between country-specific institutional factors and accounting information. Professor Hung's research has been published in leading academic journals such as Journal of Accounting and Economics, Journal of Accounting Research, and Review of Accounting Studies. She is a former Editor of The Accounting Review and serves in the editorial boards of Journal of International Business Studies and The Accounting Review and is a recipient of numerous research awards, including the Journal of Accounting & Economics Best Paper prize. Her research has been featured in media such as The Economist and Financial Times. She is also a recipient of the USC Marshall MBA Golden Apple Teaching Award and the Gamma Sigma Alpha Professor of the Year


  • “Political connections and voluntary disclosure: Evidence from around the world” with Yongtae Kim and Siqi Li. Journal of International Business Studies forthcoming.
  • “The effect of mandatory CSR disclosure on firm profitability and social externalities: Evidence from China” with Yi-Chun Chen and Yongxiang Wang. Journal of Accounting and Economics forthcoming.
  • “Board reforms and firm value: Worldwide evidence” with Larry Fauver, Xi Li, and Alvaro Taboada. 2017. Journal of Financial Economics 125, 120–142.
  • “Post-earnings-announcement drift in global markets: Evidence from an information shock” with Xi Li and Shiheng Wang. 2015. The Review of Financial Studies 28, 1242-1283.
  • “Political considerations in the decision of Chinese SOEs to list in Hong Kong” with T.J. Wong and Tianyu Zhang. 2012. Journal of Accounting & Economics 53, 435-449.
  • “The impact of mandatory IFRS adoption on foreign mutual fund ownership: The role of comparability” with Mark DeFond, Xuesong Hu, and Siqi Li. 2011. Journal of Accounting & Economics 51, 240-258.
  • “Home bias, foreign mutual fund holdings, and the voluntary adoption of International Accounting Standards” with Vicentiu Covrig and Mark DeFond. 2007. Journal of Accounting Research 45, 41-70.
  • “Investor protection and the information content of annual earnings announcements: International evidence” with Mark DeFond and Robert Trezevant. 2007. Journal of Accounting & Economics 43, 37-67.
  • “Investor protection and corporate governance: Evidence from worldwide CEO turnover” with Mark DeFond. 2004. Journal of Accounting Research 42, 269-312.
  • “Accounting standards and value relevance of earnings: An international analysis” 2000. Journal of Accounting & Economics 30, 401-420.

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