IEMS Newsletter Fall 2019

HKUST IEMS Newsletters No. 12


During the first half of 2019, HKUST IEMS organized a full slate of events covering a range of topics relevant to businesses and policy makers in emerging markets.

Highlights include hosting a launch event for a new World Bank report on policies to sustain growth in East Asia and make it more inclusive, a workshop featuring case studies on the implementation of China’s Belt and Road Initiative in countries in different regions of the world, an Emerging Market Insights series talk on promoting innovation in the Greater Bay Area and Hong Kong’s role, and co-organizing the third Jobs and Development Conference held at the World Bank in Washington D.C. The role of innovation and technological change featured prominently in the presentations and discussions in all of these events.

Several of our academic seminars also examined the benefits and pitfalls of activities that take advantage of new technologies (P2P lending in Indonesia, biometric ID cards in India, providing an online forum for market actors to discuss socially appropriate behavior market behavior in China and Switzerland). Another assessed how technology and globalization explain differences in the nature of work across countries. Others addressed longstanding questions in development, including poverty traps, gender gaps in education, and African economic development.


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