Hong Kong’s Role in Defining Sustainability – Taxonomies as a Blueprint for the Future

HKUST IEMS Thought Leadership Brief No. 75


Lionel Mok

As financial markets ramp up their action on climate change, aligning global definitions on sustainability will become ever-more important. Hong Kong is uniquely positioned to establish an interoperable classification framework for mobilising global capital for climate action. 

About the author 

Lionel Mok is a PhD Candidate at HKUST studying the development of sustainable finance policy frameworks. His research is focused on the dynamics underpinning governments’ efforts to develop sustainable finance taxonomies. Lionel also works as a research analyst for the HKUST School of Business Management and is conducting research to support the development of Hong Kong as a green and sustainable finance centre. Concurrently, he serves as a consultant for the Climate Bonds Initiative and simultaneously as the programme lead for the sustainable finance and ESG team at the Civic Exchange. He was formerly a consultant for the International Finance Corporation. He holds an MSc from University College London and an MA from the University of Hong Kong.

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