A Study of User Behavior in using Search Engine for Locating Infringing Digital Media in Emerging Markets


James S.H. Kwok

Copyright infringement has always been a major problem of digital media, including software, movie, music, electronic games, books, and broadcasting in digital environment. Piracy is a worldwide problem but it is worse in developing markets due to many factors, such as their enforcement efforts, the unavailability of digital media in particular emerging markets, and so on. This project proposes a comprehensive study of the user behavior in emerging markets in using search engine for locating infringing digital media in an attempt to evaluate the effectiveness of the delisting/de-indexing technical measure when it would be implemented in emerging markets, such as China, Russia, Thailand, India and so on. The findings from emerging markets will be compared and analyzed in order to better understanding the pros and cons of de-listing/de-indexing in various emerging markets. General policies and guidelines will be derived to help emerging markets in deploying and managing the de-listing/de-indexing technical measure in a more effective way.

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