Public Support for Climate Policy in China and India


Kim-Pong Tam

We propose to examine public support for climate policies in China and India. Given their population sizes and emission levels, these two countries have important roles to play in the mitigation of climate change. However, we currently know little about how the public in these two countries view climate policies, as the literature on this issue is currently dominated by research in high-income democracies. We will therefore test whether some known individual difference determinants of climate policy support operate similarly among Chinese and Indian citizens. We will also explore to what extent limiting population growth is accepted as a climate policy option, and whether support for climate policies is contingent on reciprocation by other countries. For the governments of China and India to increase their commitment to emission reductions, public support will be desirable, if not indispensable. The proposed investigation will provide useful data in this respect.


This project is funded by the HKUST IEMS Research Grants 2019.   

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