The Cyborgs are Coming! – IEMS’ Albert Park Featured in China Daily Article on Automation and Society


IEMS’ Albert Park was featured in an article in China Daily on how automation may soon take over most of the manual jobs that humans currently do, and on the possible ways of coping with the drastic effects such changes will have on our society as a whole.

As quoted in the article:

Park said that automation is likely to affect jobs at all skill levels, leading to a hollowing out of middle-skill jobs. This will only exacerbate the polarization of high-skilled and low-skilled occupations, contributing to a widening wealth gap.

Park believes the key to reducing the widening wealth gap brought on by automation is to reform education and retraining. Workers, he says, must adapt and prepare to meet the demands of the labor market, by equipping themselves with the right skills, as technology evolves.

Read the full article here: China Daily

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