Reutres: China’s Xi purging corrupt officials to put own men in place: sources


David Zweig, IEMS Faculty Associate, was quoted in an article about tackling and fighting corruption by Chinese president Xi Jinping, published on Reutres. He mentioned that if Xi was ready to investigate the case of the retired domestic security tsar Zhou Yongkang, who was an important political figure, he would not be lenient to anybody else. That is the reason why officials should be prepared for reforms in the country and be on the same page with the president.

David Zweig said:”It shows that he can get to just about anybody if he can bring down a guy like (Zhou). It tells officials that if he’s making reforms that they may not like so much, then they better get on board.”

The article describes what changes have been made regarding corrupt officials including military officials, and what Xi Jinping has been aiming for since he took over the party in November 2012 and became China’s president in 2013. The goal of the government was to promote reforms in the country and appoint progressive officials who president could trust and many of whom he has known since he served as a party boss in Zhejiang province.

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