Financial Times: Chinese return from Africa as migrant population peaks


Since the early 2000s, many Chinese moved to southern Africa for better business opportunities but economic growth started slowing down after 2007, and Chinese population started declining, especially from the 2013 numbers.

“Continent-wide there seems to be a decrease,…in part because of a downturn in the commodities cycle, it became unsustainable for many Chinese to continue their businesses,”commented IEMS’ Barry Sautman on the trend in an article published in the Financial Times.

There are some exceptions such as Ethiopia and Kenya where numbers of Chinese migrants are increasing due to the One Belt One Road infrastructure project.

Read full article here Chinese return from Africa as migrant population peaks on the Financial Times web site.

Two Chinese versions of the article were published on 啥情况?英媒称中国移民开始从非洲返乡 and in the Financial Times Chinese 旅居非洲的中国人大量回国

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