Global Partnership Needed for Governance of AI in Emerging Markets, suggests Dr. He


Dr Yujia He, Postdoctoral Fellow at the Institute for Emerging Market Studies & Jockey Club Institute for Advanced Study at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, argues for an AI governance model which requires global partnership. Such a governance model is especially beneficial to emerging markets, as their populations may be disproportionally affected by the rapid development of AI deployment compared to developed economies.   She believed that "a UN-led multi-stakeholder global governance regime can help the emerging economies cope with the impact of AI on economic development. Such a regime can call for greater attention to automation’s economic and social challenges to the “undertechnologized” Global South."


She outlined her ideas in a commentary entitled “Developing Resilient Economies in the Age of AI”, with focus on incorporating issues unique to emerging markets like China in an international governance platform like the UN, is published on the AI & Global Governance platform of the Center for Policy Research at United Nations University.


Read the commentary on the AI & Global Governance platform published on 7 December 2018.


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