Hui presents on academic perception of the future of blockchain and its impact on the global economy at Blockchain NeXt


IEMS Faculty Associate, Kai Lung Hui, Chair Professor in the Department of Information Systems, Business Statistics, and Operations Management at HKUST, is a frequent speaker in conferences and forums on subjects related to digital piracy, cybersecurity and privacy, Fintech, and technology policy. 

On the 21st June, Professor Hui spoke at Blockchain NeXt – a series of conferences aimed to increase the awareness of the effects and benefits of Blockchain in different cities worldwide. His research focuses on the impact of information technologies and the analysis of policies related to information technology use and development. One of his main areas of interest is the impact of law enforcement on crime deterrence on the Internet and digital divide, piracy that affects sales of legitimate items, and the impact of copyright law on the supply of creative works. Hui joined two discussion panels in Poland to share his knowledge on the topic of academic perception of the future of blockchain and its impact on the global economy.

The Blockchain NeXt conference took place on 21st June 2018 at the PGE Narodowy Stadium in Warsaw. It attracted 600+ participants, 40 speakers, 100 partners and 20 exhibitors starting a new brand that will become a platform for the exchange of thoughts, business ideas and forming cooperation within the context of the blockchain technology. Its mission is to increase the awareness of the effects and benefits of implementing the Blockchain technology across various sectors of industry as well as the government, banking, academia and healthcare. 

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