Europe Should look to China to take Advantage of its Strength, Suggests Garcia-Herrero


Experts are advising that the European Union take advantage of China's economic strength. While this may be complicated due to the ties between Europe and the United States, China's economic growth is unmatched by any other nation. Alicia Garcia-Herrero, the chief economist for the Asia-Pacific Zone of French investment bank Natixis, cited several economic indicators, saying that China has "better economic growth than the United States" and "will maintain its situation." She underlined China's economic strength amid the U.S. position as a "creditor" in world trade, adding that China has 120 "major corporations" compared with 126 in the United States and 110 in Europe according to Natixis' data base. China's economic growth is especially remarkable because the dynamic of China's trade has shifted, with recent growth centered on consumer products. Spain is currently the sixth biggest trade partner of China within the EU, while China is Spain's largest trade partner outside the EU. 


Read the article titled "Europe should look to China to take advantage of its strength: economist"  published on Xinhua Net on 20 February 2019.  

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