Low urges caution in claiming superiority and dealing with criticism during the pandemic


Looking at the issue in retrospect after the coronavirus outbreak and now the pandemic, Donald Low, Professor of Practice at HKUST and IEMS Faculty Associate, points out that it was unnecessary to put others (Hong Kong) down just to lift oneself up, referring to Chan Chun Sing’s leaked audio recording back in February.

Whiling having nothing against the Singaporean government, as he clarified, Prof Low criticizes  the “know-it-all” attitude displayed by some officials over the course of this crisis. Seeing how things change over a couple of months, Prof Low hoped that this crisis would be able to teach Singaporeans and beyond two lessons. The first lesson is to pay attention to the people who had voiced out different opinions. In this case, he meant the Singaporeans who pleaded the government to do more about the living conditions of foreign workers in the city state. The second lesson is not to be boastful when one is coping well with the COVID-19 situation especially in the early stage.

Read his article published on 10 April 2020 on The Online Citizen.

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