Mission and Research Themes

The mission of the HKUST Institute for Emerging Market Studies (IEMS) is to become a thought leader on public policy and businesses challenges facing emerging markets. The Institute aims to focus its activities on key thematic issues that are important for emerging markets and build on the research strengths of HKUST faculty. These themes include the following:

  1. Human Capital, Employment, Structural Change
  2. Innovation, Entrepreneurship
  3. Global Economic Integration
  4. Financial Development
  5. Strategies, Firms, Markets
  6. Organizational Behavior, Consumer Behavior


HKUST IEMS is led by a Director, an Associate Director, and an Executive Committee consisting of the Director, the Associate Director, and 5 HKUST Faculty Associates (4 elected to alternating 2-year terms by all Faculty Associates, and one appointed annually by the Director). In addition, HKUST faculty with research interests in emerging markets are invited to become Faculty Associates of the Institute for renewable 3-year terms. The Institute has a small team of administrative and research staff to provide leadership and support for research projects, academic events, publications, and outreach activities on emerging markets.

An Advisory Board consisting of six members, including three appointed by EY, including the Chair of the Advisory Board, and three appointed by HKUST, approves leadership appointments and advises the leadership on major decisions and strategic directions.