Ageing in Russia: Regional Inequalities and Pension Reform

HKUST IEMS Working Papers No. 2017-49


Stuart Gietel-Basten, Vladimir Mau, Warren Sanderson, Sergei Scherbov, Sergey Shulgin

The Russian Federation, like most industrial and post-industrial countries, is currently in the midst of a great discussion about how to meet the challenges of population ageing. Again, in common with many other countries, a discussion is taking place regarding both the parameters and, indeed, the very nature of the pension system and the relationship between work and retirement. In this paper, we have sought to present a more systematic representation of ageing in Russia. We have done so by presenting a series of standard and alternative measurements. By doing so, it is possible to suggest that the scale of ageing in Russia is arguably exaggerated precisely by the low pensionable ages. The second contribution of this paper is to explicitly bring in the concept of inequality regarding pension entitlement. Noting that these dimensions of inequality include gender, geography and socioeconomic differentials, we found that the current heterogeneity of conditions of wellbeing in Russia are such that very high degrees of inequality can be detected.

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