Chinese use censorship and propaganda to dominate political narrative in Xinjiang region, says IEMS’ David Zweig to the Associated Press


The Associated Press quoted IEMS’ David Zweig on the situation in Xinjiang, where the Chinese government uses expansive controls and propaganda to maintain a virtual monopoly on the narrative in the tense and war-torn region, where minority Uighurs complain of oppression under Beijing’s rule. As independent blogs and non-traditional media challenge the Central Government’s use of force against certain non-Han Chinese segments of the population, the Central Government in turn has doubled down on its narrative of protector-against-terrorism, and has censored nearly anything which could be interpreted as going against their message.

As IEMS Faculty Associate David Zweig stated,

“”If they’re cracking down with a great deal of force, they don’t want that kind of information to appear on the front pages of Western media, that’s why they would try to staunch the flow,” said David Zweig, a political scientist at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.”

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