Anti-corruption efforts against security officials more difficult in Xinjiang, says Barry Sautman to VOA


Barry Sautman told Voice of America in an article published on 23 January 2015 that it’d more difficult to go after corrupted security officials in Xinjiang despite the escalating anti-corruption drives under the leadership of China’s president, Xi Jinping.


Barry Sautman is a professor who studies China’s ethnic policies at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.says that going after security officials is more difficult in Xinjiang because doing so might raise questions about the party’s approach to maintaining stability.

“I think it is quite possible, for example, in other parts of China to touch people who are involved in various parts of the security apparatus, the Gong An Ju for example [public security officials] and it is more difficult to do that because of the security situation and the role that people play,” Sautman noted.



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