Assessing China’s Academic Orbit – Times Higher Education Article Quoting IEMS’ Yao Amber Li


The Times Higher Education featured an article on the juxtaposition between China’s ever-rising university rankings, and the widespread view held by many in China that the country’s education system is severely lacking at all levels. While China continues to place amongst the top on international tests comparing students academic abilities across the world, companies in China in a wide range of sectors are having an increasingly difficult time finding local candidates capable of filling their vacant job positions.

As IEMS’ Yao Amber Li commented in the article:

“And although a 2013 McKinsey report found that more than a third of Chinese companies struggled to recruit skilled workers, firms all over the world report similar problems. Another report in the same year by the consultancy ManpowerGroup stated that international companies in China found filling vacancies no more difficult than the world average. Yao Amber Li, an assistant professor of economics at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, does not believe that Chinese graduates are somehow less innovative than those of Europe or North America. “The unemployment is a structural issue [in the economy]…therefore, the structural change in China’s economy can also help solve this,” she says.”

Read the full article here.

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