Park offers insights in facing Up to an Aging Society


IEMS’ Albert Park was featured in the HKUST Alumni Association’s Online Magazine for his establishment of the China Health and Retirement Longitudinal Study (CHARLS), which provides a unique, high-quality dataset to support the scientific analysis of aging issues in China.

As quoted in the article, some of the more striking findings from the first wave of the CHARLS survey included:

The key influential finding uncovered in the first wave was that the elderly in China are very vulnerable across multiple dimensions, and their poverty rate is higher than for younger people… Their physical health is very poor when compared with elderly in more advanced countries. They also are more likely to show elevated symptoms of depression, affecting 40% of the elderly population; for women only it rises to 48%.”

Read the full article here: HKUST Alumni Association’s Online Magazine (Winter 2015)

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