Hong Kong Must Embrace Innovation or Die, Warn Experts at SCMP Forum Featuring IEMS’ Naubahar Sharif


IEMS’ Naubahar Sharif was featured on a 4-person panel of experts speaking on the current and future of entrepreneurship and innovation in Hong Kong, with many of the panelists urging policymakers to make radical pushes to promote technology start-ups and other innovative industries as the city was beginning to seriously lag behind its counterparts such as Singapore, Shenzhen, and other cities.

As Naubahar Sharif was quoted in the article:

“All economies want to become a Silicon Valley. Very few are able to do it. What we are advocating is to diversify our economic base.” But the academic said Hongkongers were less willing to take risks to start a hi-tech business, while many speculated on the real estate and stock markets.

See the full article here: South China Morning Post (SCMP)

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