Group information have not been protected by laws in Hong Kong, claimed Hui


In the 5G world, as more wearable devices and smart appliances connect to a network, they will transmit tremendous personal and more sensitive information. Whether the private information is at greater risk of potential data breach depends heavily on the local government's legislation to protect personal data. In Hong Kong, for example, the protection of personal data by law is only linked to individuals. If individuals can be identified from the data, the legal protection of such personal information data is clearly executed. Conversely, if the data from the 5G or IoT database is group-based and no individual can be identified, the information of that group will not be protected by law. Whether the group information needs to be protected by law is a thorny issue to be addressed. To sum up, the key to handle privacy and data is to ensure the data is correct. As personal data is collected, applied and shared more widely in the enterprise than ever, there is undoubtedly an increasing need to ensure the personal data is correct when applied and allow individuals to edit and maintain the accuracy of their data.

 Read his opinion piece published on 9 Dec 2019 on Hong Kong Economic Journal.

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