Education Post Features Article on Marketing Backlash by Amy Dalton


Education Post, a member of SCMP’s online publishing group, featured an article by IEMS Faculty Associate Amy Dalton on her research on marketing tactics, the results of which indicate that certain commonly-seen marketing strategies tend to have a result opposite to the one intended.

As mentioned in her article, Amy Dalton’s research group concluded the following:

We argue that priming effects depend not only on the behavior implied by a marketing tactic, but also on the type of tactic used. Rather than behaving in a manner implied by a tactic, consumers automatically behave in a contrary manner, becoming more thrifty when tactics imply spending and more indulgent when they imply seeking value. So rather than a priming effect, marketing tactics may cause a reverse priming effect on behavior. This can happen when consumers perceive a market tactic as a source of persuasion.”

Read the full article here: Brands, Slogans and Backlash: Why Some Marketing Tactics Work Better Than Others

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