Growth and Development in India - A Webinar Series


IEMS will host a series of webinars to explore issues about growth and development in India.  The first in the series is tilted "Who Wants To Be A Politician? Running for Office in West Bengal Panchayats" with Ananish Chaudhuri (University of Auckland) as the speaker and will take place on 2 June 2020 over Zoom.  8 more webinars are expected every week at the same time, into September.  

The webinars encourage interaction among the speakers and attendees.  Participants are expected to join with both audio and video whenever possible.  

The series' academic committee consist of Takashi Kurosaki (Hitotsubashi Institute for Advanced Study), Pushkar Maitra (Monash University) and Sujata Visaria (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology). 

Series Schedule (as of 4 June 2020)

Date Speaker Affiliation Title
02 Jun Ananish Chaudhuri University of Auckland Who Wants To Be A Politician? Running for Office in West Bengal Panchayats
16 Jun Jun Goto Kobe University On the Origins and Persistence of Parochial Altruism: A Tenure Institution and Intergroup Conflicts in Colonial India
30 Jun Manisha Shah University of California Los Angeles Aggregate Effects from Public Works: Evidence from India
14 Jul Yogita Shamdasani NUS Labor Rationing: A Revealed Preference Approach from Hiring Shocks
21 Jul

Kenmei Tsubota

Toyo University

Regional Disintegration in South Asia: Evidence from the end of the British Empire on Maritime Networks

28 Jul Prasad Bhattacharya Deakin University TBD
11 Aug Tushar Bharati University of Western Australia Demonetisation and its Discontents
25 Aug Sujata Visaria HKUST How are Votes Bought? An Empirical Examination of Transactional Politics in a Developing Economy
08 Sep Reshad Ahsan University of Melbourne The Intergenerational Effects of Market Access: Evidence from Rural India


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